Your Interests: The COPS

Your COPS Interest Inventory Profile provides you with percentile scores on each of 14 COPSystem Career Clusters. These represent Clusters of occupations at both Professional and Skilled levels within five major occupational areas, plus three additional Clusters for which separate levels are not appropriate. Descriptions of each Career Cluster and lists of sample occupations are linked to the Summary section of your results.

Your percentile scores allow you to compare your interest in activities related to each of the Clusters with those of a typical ONE HUNDRED other people who also took the COPS. Your highest peaks on the COPS profile are the occupational groups or Clusters in which your interests are strongest when compared to others at your educational level. Most people find that their scores are higher in two or three Clusters than they are in the rest. Typically, one or two scores will be above the 75th percentile.

Consider your profile for a moment:

Some people do not have a “typical” profile at all:

Look again at your COPS Profile of Interests
and consider your scores in the
Professional versus the Skilled level Clusters.

An interest inventory alone cannot predict where you will find the most career satisfaction. The COPS can only suggest possible areas for you to investigate further as you begin to research occupations. You should consider your scores on the CAPS ability battery and the COPES work values survey to complete your career exploration.

You may want to consult with a career guidance professional to further discuss your results.